Royalty Athletics is an athletic brand that believes in building a community around our the brand and not JUST selling a product. In order to do that we've committed to creating attractive offers  to our ideal customer. Below you'll find many offers that we have outside of apparel. We're building a legacy but we need those of you in our community to do that!


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The Legacy Builders Podcast is for those looking for answers to the questions that every aspiring entrepreneur has.... Where Do I Start? How Do I Get Started? What Business Would I Start? 


T.J. discusses all of these topics & more in the podcast that appeals to those early on in the entrepreneurial journey or those looking to get started. Really opening up the curtains and sharing everything that these two have learned along their journey. 

 Episodes launch every Tuesday & Thursday @ 5am


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COVID-19 changed the way we go about life. It caused many of us to find a new normal. For those of us who were without access to the gym it forced us to find new ways of staying in shape. That's why we constructed an At-Home Workout Plan for those who no longer have access to the gym OR want to start their fitness journey from home before stepping into the gym. 



  • Easy Sign-Up

  • No Equipment Needed

  • Beginner and Advanced Level Workouts

  • 16 Workouts (4 weeks)




Vote On Designs For Our Newest Collection!

We pride ourselves on being a brand that ALWAYS considers what our customer wants. Being a smaller brand, we have the amazing advantage of being able to have direct interaction with our end consumer in various ways. One way that we utilize this is through our social media platforms. 


Every time we're going through the designing process, we host voting options on our social media. Every Tuesday & Thursday during the designing phase we allow our followers/customers vote on the newest designs in our upcoming collection. Voting can consist of voting on which items, colors, logo placement, etc. All you have to do to be a part of our next collection is FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: