About Us


Royalty Apparel was established by myself, T.J. Jones, and my wife, Jasmine Jones. We are both from the Northern Virginia area and believe it or not, we actually met while attending North Stafford High School. We have both played sports our entire lives and they have played a significant role in shaping some of our foundational beliefs. In high school I was on the basketball team and later went on to become a collegiate athlete. Jasmine played varsity volleyball, ran track and continued to stay active throughout her college career. After college we both remained consistent in the gym and have developed a deep love for fitness and nutrition.


As I previously stated, my wife and I met in high school. We started off as friends and stayed in communication throughout our college endeavors. Towards the tail end of our college career we started dating and we were later presented with a  surprise. Fast forward 9 months later to April of 2015 we brought our biggest blessing into the world. While our son was definitely a blessing, we were in the midst of pursuing our college education. I was in my Junior year of college and Jasmine only had a semester of school left but had plans to do pursue her Master’s. To add to the already difficult situation, we were in a long distance relationship, 400 miles to be exact. 

Despite the unexpected challenges we faced as college students and young parents we approached the situation as a team. We both continued our education. Since then I have graduated from the University of Mary Washington and Jasmine has graduated twice from Liberty University Online. No part of our journey was easy but we were willing to put in the work and made the necessary sacrifices to support our new little family. 

Fast forward two years... A marriage and 3 degrees later we finally saw the fruits of our labor. Everything we had worked for and dreamed of came to fruition. We were both able to secure great careers that gave us the ability to buy our first home by the age of 22. 


Those few years were definitely stressful but our adversities showed us that with hard work and determination we could make your wildest dreams our reality. We are both grateful for the position that we are in currently. However, we have quickly learned that there is more to life than working 9-5 to help push someone’s dream. It is easy to become complacent with your lifestyle if you settle into a routine and fail to take control of your future. This year we made a conscious effort to dedicate time, and resources towards accomplishing our goals. Building our own brand has been a dream of ours for a long time, but it did not happen overnight. 

Discipline, determination and work ethic are values that have been instilled in us from our athletics and we have used those principles to pave the way for a better and healthier future. 

We're building our legacy, start building yours!

- The Jones'